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Tree Service Columbus, Georgia

D&E Tree Service is a highly experienced tree service company serving Columbus, GA, and surrounding areas. We offer services by appointment but are also available for 24-hour emergency services in the event of an after-hours situation. 













What We Offer

Here at D&E Tree Service, we are prepared to take on various projects with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our equipment, including cranes, chippers, 90-foot aerial lifts, and turf-friendly bobcats, meets current industry standards. 


Our services include:


  • Tree Removal: We are called out to remove trees for various reasons. Most often, the tree is dead, sustained storm damage, or is leaning precariously towards the house, showing signs of decay, creating too much shade, dropping leaves or branches, or needs to go for landscape renovations. Regardless of the reason, we can efficiently take care of all your tree removal needs. 


  • Dangerous Tree Removal: In some cases, trees need to be removed as they’re becoming a hazard to their surroundings. We specialize in dangerous tree removal and are fully equipped to remove these trees safely. 


  • Pruning: In addition to tree removal, we also handle yearly pruning for tree health upkeep. Pruning is part of maintaining tree health and involves removing dead, dying, or diseased branches to halt the spread of decay. 


  • Storm Damage: Trees are often the target of mother nature’s rage, causing them to fall or drop branches that damage your home and property. Our skilled team of professionals is prepared to clean up the debris and remove the offending tree. 


  • Stump Grinding: After we remove the tree(s) from your yard, we can grind the stump(s) at your preference. Grinding the stumps removes what’s left of the tree, roots and all. This can be beneficial as it eliminates the need to worry about hitting the stump during mowing or other yard work. 


  • Other: In addition to our other general services, we also offer log removal, lot clearing, underbrush cleanup, and bush hogging services. 

Why Choose D&E Tree Service For Your Tree Removal Needs

Here at D&E Tree Service, we’re prepared to offer you unmatched tree removal services. We are licensed, insured, and certified to complete the job safely and efficiently, leaving your property looking beautiful. 


We strive to offer affordable pricing to our customers and prioritize your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will take the time to listen and understand your tree service needs.  

Schedule An Appointment Today

If your yard is in dire need of tree services, give us a call today at 706-393-9672 to set up an appointment. Or, visit our website and fill out our contact form

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