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Tree Service Ellerslie, Georgia

Georgia is home to a diverse array of native trees, many of which tower at a whopping 50 feet or higher. While many homeowners can snip a few areas of overgrowth or remove fallen branches, a tree service company is the best option to see clear results. 


Here at D&E Tree Service, we’re prepared to assist you with the trees surrounding your home. Whether the tree foliage simply needs a bit of pruning for maintenance or a tree fell across your yard during a storm, we can help. 










Our Tree Services

Trees require all sorts of care and maintenance throughout their lifespans. The upkeep can become quite extensive, from generic pruning to removing dead and decaying branches. 


As the trees around your home age, old and decayed branches may pose a hazard to your home and surrounding outbuildings. They may also become a concern when powerlines reside in the close vicinity, posing a safety concern to everything around the tree. 


Aside from the natural aging of the tree that creates the need for maintenance, Georgia also experiences its fair share of storms, causing issues with surrounding trees. The towering giants surrounding our homes often bear the brunt of the damage. 


Increment weather may cause the tree to split, fall, drop massive branches, etc. Cleaning up the damage is usually an enormous undertaking, often one that homeowners cannot handle themselves. 


We have the equipment and skillset necessary to safely and efficiently handle any of these projects, regardless of the scope. Our complete list of services includes:


  • Tree removal

  • Dangerous tree removal

  • Pruning

  • Storm damage

  • Stump grinding

  • Log removal

  • Underbrush cleanup

  • Lot clearing

  • Bush hogging


Why Choose D&E Tree Service?

We are well equipped to handle your tree service needs with our experienced team and many years of service under our belt. In addition to our regular service appointments, we also offer 24-hour emergency services for scenarios after-hours that simply cannot wait. 


Our team is licensed, insured, and certified to complete the task safely and efficiently. We strive to work with our customers and offer affordable pricing. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we work tirelessly to exceed your expectations. 


Contact Us To Schedule An Appointment Today

Whether you need emergency tree services right away or simply need to schedule an appointment for tree maintenance, give us a call. We can be reached at 706-393-9672 or via the contact form on our website. 

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